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Jim Sabol wrote:
This is a small thing but since most people on this list are careful
about accuracy (I was going to say “fanatic”), the completely
correct term is “hogged fuel.” At a sawmill much undesirable bark
is removed from the log prior to sawing and is either blasted off by
powerful jets of water on the jackslip or is bumped and scraped off
by a machine called a hogger or hogging machine. The resultant
scraps of bark, useful for fuel or footing, thus are hogged fuel.
It’s somewhat like duct tape. Lots of people don’t hear the the ‘t’ in that word, and lots of people don’t hear the ‘ed’ in hogged
fuel. Then there’s the difference between ‘complimentary’ and
‘complementary’ in forty years of the otherwise brilliant Railroad
Model Craftsman articles. Jim here.
No argument with this as far as it goes, but wood chipper
machines for decades in sawmills have been called "hogs" and their
product "hog fuel." They are by means restricted to bark, and the
cargo carried in SP "hog fuel" cars was certainly not all bark. This
goes back to the days that much hog fuel was burned in conical structures at sawmills when it could not be sold.

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