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On 21/01/2012 15:52, Peter Ness wrote:

That's great Ashley. About 30 years ago a hobby magazine I won't
name featured an article on the layout of a prodigious New Haven
modeler who is focused firmly in the Steam Era in the late '40's. To
the title of the article, the magazine attached the post-script; "A
Seldom Modeled Railroad". The one sentence fragment alone may have
inspired and motivated many semi-interested New Haven Modelers to
bigger and better things in their individual efforts. It was of
course, back in unenlightened times when parts of the hobby press did
not recognize that some modelers understood that when modeling a
prototype there was such a thing as interchange, and New Haven
freight equipment stood as good a chance as ending up on the rails of
another railroad...I'm pleased to say today this seldom modeled
railroad has avid contributors in the US, Canada and UK.
Speaking of freight cars, one of the very first box cars i ever owned was a Rivarossi New Haven model in black with the white and orange lettering.

Of course this is likely to be totally bogus, or at best a stand in, but I was just a teenager and it was my first foray into American modelling, and it looked pretty.

Now that I know a bit more about when the schemes were introduced I will run a black McGinnis NH box car on my new layout at some future point.

Ashley Pollard


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