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The only way I've heard of that will remove only the lettering is to abrade it with baking soda and a Q-tip moistened in alcohol. In my opoinion, this is very tedious practice, but for a single car it may be OK. I usually do a bunch of cars at once so I've never tried it.

As for using a stripper, it all depends on what paint was used. The base color was spray painted, the lettering is applied with pad printing ink - basically a rubber stamp. They usually respond differently to different strippers, but there is no way to predict which will go first. Even if the lettering does come off first there is a good chance that the paint will be unacceptably damaged. It's better to remove everything and start over.

Here are some strippers that have been discussed in other lists:

Isopropanol (75% to 97% depending on personal preferance)
Brake fluid (no mention of the brands)
Chamelion (a propritary paint stripper)
10% sodium hydroxide (the only thing that works on old Athern models)

Unless someone has stripped this particular model, which would work best is just a guess.

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The questions is; how to remove the lettering without affecting the overall blue paint scheme.

What solvent will remove only the lettering? Or, will the whole car have to be paint-removed?


Paul Hillman

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