Rivarossi PS-1 (was re: Steam freight cars website)

Tim O'Connor


I think the Riv model was a post-1950 PS-1 with an 8' door; definitely
not a model of the New Haven pre-1950 PS-1's with 7' doors. Moreover I
have never seen a photo of a New Haven PS-1 in the snazzy black McGinnis
paint scheme. Some did get McGinnis era repaints but they were painted
in an oxide color overall. Still, New Haven had a large fleet of PS-1's
so Rivarossi wasn't totally off base.

Tim O'Connor

Speaking of freight cars, one of the very first box cars i ever owned
was a Rivarossi New Haven model in black with the white and orange
Of course this is likely to be totally bogus, or at best a stand in, but
I was just a teenager and it was my first foray into American modelling,
and it looked pretty.
Ashley Pollard

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