Re: SP hog fuel car

Kent Sullivan <kent@...>

Jim, good point. The misunderstanding of the name must be pretty widespread (or was widespread)... The NP train sheet analysis I did for several months in 1953-7 for the Tacoma Division North Branches made multiple references to cars loaded with this material (often in a derailment!), and it was always "hog fuel". No dictionary for the dispatchers to consult for that one, I guess!


--- In STMFC@..., "Jim Sabol" <jimsabol@...> wrote:

My point exactly. People, even in the industry call the rig a hog
machine because they don't hear the "ed". Calling the hogged fuel
hog fuel even on the SP doesn't make hogged fuel hog fuel any more
than hardware store employees calling duct tape duck tape makes duct
tape duck tape. Jim here.

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