Re: SP hog fuel car


At the risk of beating a dead horse, I'll also note that gross and not very accurate machining of castings or steel forgings, to remove lots of metal before getting down to accurate machining, is called 'hogging out'.

Ron Merrick

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From an on-line dictionary:

"To shred (waste wood, for example) by machine."

I'll modify that by noting that I do some work at a factory that has machines that are referred to as "hoggers". They turn square wood into largish dowels (about 1 1/2"). The purpose of these machines is not to shred (as implied by the definition), but they do shred as they work. I have heard the term most of my working life, and it means to quickly remove mass quantities. It applies to both wood and metal (and more, I suppose).


Edward Sutorik

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