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Can anyone help me with information on these [Westerfield] MILW cars [that have Bettendorf underframes]?
The Westerfield cars were double-sheathed 42' cars constructed by the thousands by Bettendorf, Milwaukee's own shops, and at least one other manufacturer in 1912 & 13. They all shared I-beam Bettendorf underframes and Bettendorf "boltless" trucks. One car (one car only) had Van Dorn "bullseye" ends. They lasted into the thirties until finally replaced by the welded steel "Ribside" cars. WW II saved a few to last until c. 1953, and one lasted until c. 1956 on the Virginian (a product of the "you wreck, you buy" program).

BTW, the Westerfield kits for these cars are simply terrific.

Of incidental interest is the fact that the last Milwaukee order of double sheathed box cars c. 1918 reverted to truss rods (6), presumably because of WWI restrictions on steel. The next order, were of USRA single sheathed cars.


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