Re: axel end caps, spray painting

Rod Miller

On 1/22/12 10:42 AM, Jon Miller wrote:
I have a commercial styrene wheel mask for keeping
the paint off the treads (spraying). However the axel
ends are not masked. Short of something applied to
each end does anyone know of a cap (silcone,
rubber, etc.) that is available to just plug on each axel

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I use o-rings on the wheel treads to keep paint out of
the hard-to-clean root of the flange, and short lengths
of heat shrink tubing to protect the axle ends. Another
way to protect the ends is to have several pair of trucks
whose purpose is painting fixtures; works if the sideframes
are flexible plastic so they can be bent slightly to insert
the wheelset. Roll the trucks while you spray, and it is
easy to spray the axle and insides of the wheels if you
like that detail.



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