Re: Walthers Troop Sleeper

Paul Hillman

Thanks John, and all for your suggestions.

I have a Paasche air-eraser and have used aluminum-oxide & baking soda for paint removal and etching resin and brass.

I was first wondering if through you-all's experiences that the lettering paint-type was found to be different than the Walther's car's paint-type, and that lettering removal could be done by a "mild" method that would not disturb the car's main paint-type.

I've seen your discussions before about different manufacturer's plastic-types and paint-types, and using different removers as per the materials involved.

Instead of trying to use a "mystery" solvent that might melt the plastic, air-erasing might just be the best modern method.


Paul Hillman

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If you run out of options, send it to me and I'll sandblast the lettering off and clean it up for you. Will only take a few minutes.


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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