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No offense intended. Please correct me if I am wrong. I was under the impression that the 70 T ASF A-3 truck you did was sideframe V7808 with spring package CH905 and positive type brake beams (PRR class 2E-F2) while the Tangent truck is sideframe V 11902 with CH856 spring package and unit brake beams (PRR class 2EFf22c/d/e/f/g/h. Both types are useful for PRR cars but different classes of cars. If the sideframe, spring packages etc are PRR terminology, I apologize.

Your model is a better, crisper rendering.

Rich Orr

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If you compare the Tangent ASF A-3 70-ton truck with Tahoe Model Works' truck,
I'm sure you will find the Tahoe truck to be noticably better. I did put in a
LOT of effort on that truck's tooling.

Anyone who would like a flyer for TMW's A-3 70-ton truck, please contact me

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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The H30a all rode on 2E-F22a ASF A-3 70 ton trucks.

The Tangent ASF A-3 truck should be close as the G31b rode on a variation of
this truck.

So you have two options for the H30 the Bowser Crown truck or the Tangent ASF
A-3 Note the National referred to in these classes is not the same as the
National B-1 which was PRR truck class 2E-F23 nor the National C-1 which

For the H30a the Tangent ASF A-3 should work

Rich Orr


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