Re: Panel Side Hoppers

Charles Hladik

C&O and D&H also had panel side hoppers. CASO site says that NYC were
red. But as built they were black and some may have stayed black. My O
scale one did.
Chuck Hladik

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Hi Guys,

I goofed up a recent online order and received an Intermountain panel-side
HO hopper instead of the car I wanted. The car is decorated for the
Frisco with a shop date of 1955 (model 1950). This is the Tichy car and it's a
very nice model as you guys know.

I don't mind keeping it as a Frisco car, but I was curious what other
roads had these cars. I know P&LE did, and apparently NYC did as I've seen
the black NYC car on the website. I wouldn't mind repainting it to Wabash
but I understand it is not correct for 'Bash cars. Do you know if NYC
painted these cars red to match their other hoppers? I could use Jerry Glow's
decal set to repaint it if so. Your inputs are greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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