NKP 2-Bay Alternate Std.

Andy Harman


I'm looking at the graphic for Intermountain's announced hopper... and I see they are showing the W&LE car with flat ends and the NKP with arch ends. Photos are few and far between, and I'm not home where I can check my better sources, but all the pics I've found of NKP cars have flat ends and I'm assuming are ex-Wheeling cars. I don't remember if NKP built more of them, or if theirs are all ex-W&LE.

Just checking to see if IM is making a mistake here before it's too far along. If the NKP car is wrong, I'll just order the flat end cars in some other road name and repaint them.... don't remember seeing any W&LE left in the 70s. If the NKP cars shown are correct for NKP-built cars, I'll get some of the flat end ones anyway and repaint. I don't know what a proper sampling of these cars should be, but I have a projected hopper roster of 200+ cars, which include N&W H10 thru H12 and a few oddballs, as well as the NKP 2 and 3-bay cars and also some VGN 2-bay cars.


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