Re: Gritty paint

Richard Townsend

Thanks to all who have made suggestions.

As for those who say it would be out of scale, I agree that in HO scale much if not all of the characteristic foundry casting texture would not be visible. However, I believe there are situations were some out-of-scale texture is appropriate. How else could we convey the difference between something that is rough and flat (i.e., flat-painted) and something that is smooth and flat? For example, the stucco texture on the side of a building would be all but invisible in HO scale, but if we want to convey "stucco" in HO we have to go out of scale. Who remembers Michael Gross's "Model of the Month" stucco-sided Hermosa (?) depot? The texture was way out of scale, but it worked. I think the same can be true for a large foundry casting. Perhaps a physicist could explain it as light and reflection not scaling down well. I don't know. But I'm going to try modeling the foundry texture and if I like it I'll post some photos and you can be the judge.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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