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Brian Carlson

These sound interesting but I'm wondering how many of these doors lasted
till the 1950's. In Ed Hawkins list of 1937 AAR cars I see a C&EI series and
C&O series. Who else had them? I assume these as for 10 IH cars based on a
previous post.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga, NY

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I've received some orders, but there maybe confussion on my, or others part.

I was planning on having Chad cast a single door, 1 pr. = 2 doors.

If you wanted to do a double door car you'd have to order 2 pr. = 4 doors.

Would you guys prefer them cast as doubles?

Clark "The doorman" Propst

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Chad said he'd do a master and cast the doors.

So, I guess I'm taking orders! PLEASE contact me off list!!!

Won't know the price for awhile, but shouldn't be too bad.

Clark Propst

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