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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the heads-up, man. I've got the Wabash HS magazine with the hoppers article so I'll look though it for details. Stan has been telling me for years that Wabash panel cars were longer cars so I need to check it out.

My e-mail is Golden1014@... if you have time to send that scan. Let me know what I can do for you in return.


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While not the most common type of Wabash' panel hoppers, the good news
is that they did roster some cars that were very similar dimensionally
and visually to the Tichy panel hopper. These were rebuilt from early
1920's USRA clones. Wabash series 34000-34999, of 1941 cu ft capacity,
still numbered 498 cars in January 1950 according to the ORER. A nice
late 30's photo of WAB 34279 is available from Keith Sirman. I'll send
you a scan off-list.

So... you can have that Wabash car!


Rob Adams
Wellman, IA

On 1/22/12 2:15 PM, John Golden wrote:

Hi Guys,

I goofed up a recent online order and received an Intermountain
panel-side HO hopper instead of the car I wanted. The car is
decorated for the Frisco with a shop date of 1955 (model 1950). This
is the Tichy car and it's a very nice model as you guys know.

I don't mind keeping it as a Frisco car, but I was curious what other
roads had these cars. I know P&LE did, and apparently NYC did as I've
seen the black NYC car on the website. I wouldn't mind repainting it
to Wabash but I understand it is not correct for 'Bash cars. Do you
know if NYC painted these cars red to match their other hoppers? I
could use Jerry Glow's decal set to repaint it if so. Your inputs are
greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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