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gary laakso

The Great Northern Freight Car Diagrams with a July 1, 1952 date provide this information:

1- 67000 series built by GN at its Superior shops in 1927;
2- 66000 series built in 1945;
3- 69500 series built in 1929 and in logging service by 1952;
4- 56000 series is not listed nor is it in the 1957 Freigh Car Diagrams

gary laakso

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I had a couple guesses.
The next run of flats will be the G.N. 56000, 66000 and 67000 series and
maybe the 69500 series. Theses are 52', 52', 50' and 43'.
Chad Boas

Neat! Can anyone provide some prototype history?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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