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Rob Adams

Not so fast Dennis. I certainly am concerned with that detail, and I'd
wager many others on this list are also. John was asking for a
potential use for his Tichy car, not whether it was a perfect way to
model such a prototype. The Tichy cars have the well-known panel spacing
issue, but as you've described so well in your previous post, it
represent cars which were rebuilt with panels riveted to their original
side stakes. I again refer people to the nice photo of Wabash 34279
from the Sirman collection. That car does NOT have the integral
stakes. While your point in that previous post is well-taken, I'm not
convinced that your survey of cars is complete, since this would seem to
be one group of cars that wasn't accounted for in your three prototypes.

And since there seems to be some misconception about the Wabash panel
hoppers all being longer cars (i.e. 33' IL, not USRA dimensions), I
should emphasize that the Wabash 34000-34999 series were cars of 30'6"
inside length. Is the Tichy car a perfect replica? No, but it a very
good stand-in if the panel spacing doesn't bother you. A better
stand-in than the Accurail car? If the stake detail matters most, then
yes. Both avenues require compromises. Ultimately which is better is
up to the modeler.

I stand by my original recommendation to John. The Tichy car is a very
viable way to model the Wabash 34000 series cars which numbered just shy
of 500 in early 1950.


Rob Adams
Wellman, IA

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While not the most common type of Wabash' panel hoppers, the good news
is that they did roster some cars that were very similar dimensionally
and visually to the Tichy panel hopper. These were rebuilt from early
1920's USRA clones. Wabash series 34000-34999, of 1941 cu ft capacity,
still numbered 498 cars in January 1950 according to the ORER. A nice
late 30's photo of WAB 34279 is available from Keith Sirman. I'll send
you a scan off-list.

So... you can have that Wabash car!


Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Apparently no one is concerned that the Tichy car only models one
small batch of three prototype cars, and all the rest are stand-ins?
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