Re: 2nd run LL 50' flat cars

Ian Cranstone

Previously written:

shelf full of P2K flat cars with the little "this scheme may not be
prototypical" labels on them<

This is interesting I never have seen this. I thought LL P2K didn't do
such a thing! And if they did then why didn't they make the '40 CGW and
paste a sticker on it <VBG>.
Likely cars imported by Life Like Canada (Canadian Hobbycraft) with Canadian
paint schemes. I seem to recall that LLC took some flak a while back since
the U.S. prototype models didn't match the Canadian-built prototypes they
were lettering for. This was their solution.

Frankly, the P2K models are not bad stand-ins for the Canadian cars -- and
since no one has offered better models so far in any form, I can certainly
live with them. Besides, the P2K kits are really quite nice. Now if LLC
would just get away from their habit of making some silly mistakes in their

Ian Cranstone
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

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