HO Truck Leaf Springs

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I'll be darned! I didn't think they sold anything anymore for those kinds of prices (they surely don't in O scale); while I don't have most of my HO catalogues anymore, Kemtron couldn't have asked much less when they produced these 20-25 years ago.
Jace Kahn

Currently avialable from Precision Scale. I just ordered and received a
pack of 12 for $2.25 (may have been more but under $3) less discount.

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A while ago there was some discussion of sources for HO leaf springs. I
recently acquired a package of Kemtron X-3C full-elliptical
(the Silver Streak were steel and only half, although they looked all
and worked fine), 16 springs (enough for four pair of trucks). I am
much open to offers, cash or O scale items.

Jace Kahn
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Jace Kahn
Mostly Fairbanks

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