CC&F tank car article in July RMC

D. Scott Chatfield

Okay all you TARTS (Totally Anal Railcar Truck Spotters), what exactly are
the trucks seen under the CN "war emergency" tank cars in Russ Pinchbeck's
article in the July 2002 RMC? Obviously they're spring plank-less
"Bettendorf" U-section types, but are they single-truss or double-truss? I
would think given the built date they'd be double-truss, but I don't see
the "double".

Also, aren't Mr. Pinchbeck's numbers for ACF Type 27 production a bit low,
say, by a factor of ten or twenty? He says they only built "more than
1,800 8,000 gallon and more than 750 10,000-gallon Type 27s." Sounds way

Scott Chatfield

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