Re: Timken Demo Box Car

Andy Harman

At 10:33 AM 1/25/2012 -0500, you wrote:
The latest issue of the PRRT&HS Keystone has an extensive article on the
1948/49 Chicago Railroad Fair. There is a B&W picture from 1948 of one of
these cars being pulled by 2 ladies. The car is partially obscured by a
tree, but is clearly 2 light colors with the center band the lighter of the
two. The roof and underframe are dark presumably black. So, that's at
least 1 of these cars.
I've now come across photos of two different cars, TRBX 88 is a dark green color with brown or oxide roof and ends, and has the inside-bearing trucks and a "History of American Railroads" banner on the right side panel. The other car is AC&Y 600, which is a banded scheme but the logos are not the same as the models, nor does it say "Roller Freight" with the rolling axle. Also interesting, the color photo of the 600 shows a bright yellow car with a wide white horizontal band, and a black roof. But the black and white photo of the same car, the sides are clearly a darker color than the roof, which is obviously not black. Unless someone was really playing around with filters in the darkroom, it seems to indicate the car was in at least two different schemes.

Both cars have the same bizarre door-within-a-door with a matching end door as if the car was intended to be placed in a passenger train, which leads me to believe that TRBX and ACY 600 could be the same car, the latter with more convention trucks.

And still nothing that really looks like the ubiquitous models. The models seem to be based on Timken's printed ads like this one:

Here is a B&W photo of TRBX 88:

The roof appears to be much lighter here, doesn't look like it could be oxide, and the map banner is different from the color photo. So this car could have gotten repainted multiple times as it toured around. Maybe one of them even looked like the models...
Interesting to find after all these years that there is a prototype, sort of, but that the model is still wrong :-)


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