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Did you notice that the

had a sizeable Santa Fe logo on it. I wonder what the connection between
that box which does not have ATSF ID and the Santa Fe.


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The latest issue of the PRRT&HS Keystone has an extensive article on the
1948/49 Chicago Railroad Fair. There is a B&W picture from 1948 of one of
these cars being pulled by 2 ladies. The car is partially obscured by a
tree, but is clearly 2 light colors with the center band the lighter of the
two. The roof and underframe are dark presumably black. So, that's at
least 1 of these cars.

Dave Pfeiffer

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ISTR that Timken did actually have one or more box cars painted in the
"Roller Freight" demonstrator scheme that has been such a favorite of
manufacturers over the years. I can't remember where I saw the photo, or
if I just imagined it. Googling turns up models of every type and scale,
and some Timken ads with artist depictions of whole strings of these cars,
which I'm certain never existed - even a caboose!

I also find it ironic that most models of this car don't have roller
bearing trucks.

Can anyone confirm or deny the existence of these car(s), or even better a
link to a prototype photo?



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