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Bruce Smith


It is VERY important to differentiate between "home road cars" on the home road and home road boxcars... On the PRR the former was around 50% for most of the modern steam era and while we do not have a precise figure for the latter (boxcars), that number is closer to 20-25%, exactly what was seen in the C&S figures. Just another piece of the puzzle that supports the national fleet model ;^)

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

On Jan 25, 2012, at 1:27 PM, Joel Holmes wrote:

Hi All,

I am curious what the percentage of home road cars were on the lines of
the eastern coal carriers such as the LV, DL&W, Erie, NYO&W, CNJ, and RDG.
Does anyone have any idea? These coal carriers had large fleet of coal
gons and hoppers.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Joel Holmes

I am even more surprised in the relatively small portion of "home road"
cars. Approx. 1/5 of all cars processed.
Hello all,

From what I've seen from western RRs in that era, 20% is more or less
normal. As an example, Union Pacific train lists from Wyoming (1956) that
I reviewed showed that 18.6% of all plain boxcars were home road cars.

Take care,



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