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You have mentioned Northern Specific Models in a couple of emails. Who are
they and how do I get in touch with them? Google does not bring up a

I like the photos of the Wabash car and want to get one when they are


J. Stephen (Steve) Sandifer


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What is the build date on the Wabash stock car? The photos look great but, I
model 1944 and I suspect they might be too new for me.
Dave Lawler

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I have just uploaded 3 images of something I've been working on this week.
It is a preproduction model of a Wabash 15000 Series stock car resin kit
in HO
The kit will be sold by Northern Specific Models. It features proper
on the Z bracing, fully correct rivet detail, scale size side boards, etc.
The kit should be available late spring, early summer. Price is TBA.
If you're in Amherst next weekend, you'll be able to view the models at my
table. section 155 C
It will be nice to have Wabash stock cars without having to pay brass
Pierre Oliver

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