Re: CC&F tank car article in July RMC

Ned Carey <westernmd@...>

Scott Chatfield asked:
Okay all you TARTS (Totally Anal Railcar Truck Spotters), what exactly are
the trucks seen under the CN "war emergency" tank cars in Russ Pinchbeck's
article in the July 2002 RMC? . . .
Richard H. Hendrickson replied:
The trucks on the two CN cars are Barber S-2s.

Oh poo! Richard beat me to the punch. There's not many questions easy enough
for me you know.

So lets talk models. The photos look very close to the new Branchline S-2
trucks. One difference is the model trucks have a ridge around the
triangular openings in the truck sides. The tank car trucks don't have this
but it is easily filed away.

Another option would be the Atlas 50 ton truck. It is a little more crude
than the Branchline truck but the bearing caps match the photos better. It
too would need a little work with a file and chisel blade.

Speaking of bearing caps did you notice the left truck in the lower photo on
page 91 had two different bearing caps. Your not truly anal unless you model

Ned Carey - apprentice TARTS

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