Re: 2nd run LL 50' flat cars

Stafford Swain <sswain@...>

These models will be Life-Like Canada (not Life-Like U.S.) production.

This is done by Life-Like Canada to acknowledge that these are best-effort paint schemes, and are intended to be reasonable stand-in models of Canadian built and owned prototypes.

I said:
shelf full of P2K flat cars with the little "this scheme may not be
prototypical" labels on them<
Jon replies:
This is interesting I never have seen this. I thought LL P2K didn't do
such a thing! And if they did then why didn't they make the '40 CGW and
paste a sticker on it <VBG>.
Yeah, as I recall, the cars were decorated for CP, CN and BCR. I was
really surprised to see the stickers, but there they were, on the end of
the box!

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