Mike Brock & Rapido

Paul Hillman

This is slightly off-topic, except for the mention of the name, "Mike Brock".

Just received my HO Rapido C&EI 6-4-6 Sleeper, the "Pitch Pine", passenger car, and it's a beautiful model.I had it on order for several months. Rapido suffered a delay in the original delivery date, but it was worth the wait. Still waitng for the L&N and NC&StL cars.

The prototype was built in 1953 for the C&EI, L&N and NC&StL.

One thing I didn't know it was going to have was interior lighting. There are 2 small batteries included and an "on/off" magnetic-wand. I will want to add track-power pickups and supercaps for the lighting, instead of the replaceable batteries. But, it really looks good "at night" on the layout.

But also,......in the "invaluable assistance" comments about people who contributed to the model's construction accuracy was the name, Mike Brock,....perhaps the boss of the STMFC???

If that's the same Mike Brock, thanks, a whole bunch. Beautiful work!!

If not, please disregard this post.

Paul Hillman

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