Re: Air Honing plastic


Thanks Bruce. All,

Never too much safety warning. As Bruce said the inhalation hazard has already been mentioned - I guess I got a little lax about the "California" note because I expect my peers to have the same common sense that I have. Plus every AlumOx container I've seen has a Caution or Warning label on it - and if someone can't read that they probably are not reading this!

For the record I always use a good particle mask. Always.

As to the cardboard box; actually there were a couple of them. The first was simply an open top box that I always used outside with the Badger 260 (which is a pain in the butt because it isn't always that prolific to begin with - grrrr!). I always used a mask and gloves. It's purpose was to block the occasional breeze and to perhaps capture some of the AlumOx - I'll admit that was not a good practice but since I only occasionally air honed anything at the time (perhaps 2 - 3 times a year???) it never seemed to be a big issue and didn't warrant buying a cabinet. The second box had been similarly modified as Jack's box. Again! I never used it in an enclosed space and I always used a particle mask. I never used anything more in it than the 260. Neither of these are serious suggestions nor did I expect anyone to really take that as such (guess I trust folks intelligence more than I should). I don't advocate cardboard, not only because it does get a bit leaky after a while, but also because it is at best a temporary device for all the effort put into it.

As to disposal – guess that is just part of the process. Not everything can be handed to you and some things take work to get the best result. Just another one of the "sacrifices" our society is rapidly forgetting.

Look. Don't do anything I suggest if it scares you or you can't figure out how to overcome the obstacles. I enjoy sharing what I have learned of my own volition and I hope some of you find it helpful in your modeling efforts.



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