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What paint scheme are we talking about?


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Hi there,

I'm working on a couple of the Fox Valley wagon-top cars - unfortunately
both came lettered with the same car number.

The good news: - the lettering comes off very easily with orange based
pumice hand cleaner used in automotive departments. A small blob of the
stuff placed with a toothpick on a single digit allows one to remove only
part of the car number (or re-weigh info, etc). I place the blob of cleaner
on the letter or number in question and, about 15 minutes later, sweep the
digit away with a swish of a paint brush. I run it under the tap, using the
brush and water to remove any remaining cleaner and fragments of the letter
and let it air dry.

Now I'm trying to find decals that are of the same style and size as used by
Fox Valley. As one who hasn't previously modelled any B & O rolling stock,
I wonder if anyone else has done any re-numbering and can suggest a suitable
decal for this purpose?

Rob Kirkham

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