Re: Air Honing plastic


I haven't seen it so much on this group (since I haven't been here very long) but on others there has been a lot of noise about air honing plastics with hard grit materials such as AlumOx. Aside from the safety issues, the general consensus has come across that it will destroy the plastic. Perhaps everyone here already knows better. Still my primary point hasn't been about the safety issues. As I said, that is a matter of common sense - it is what it is and there are steps to overcoming that. My point is to share with you that I've found the fear of hard grits destroying the plastic to be a myth. Like so many myths, it is passed along over and over again because no one challenges it. There are a lot of these myths in this hobby.

If you like the baking soda by all means use it. Nothing wrong with a personal choice. But if you feel frustrated with it as I did you now have knowledge that someone finally challenged the fear of hard grit on plastic (and it didn't cost you even a junk model). Now you can see for yourself with less apprehension. That is all I've hoped for.


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