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Bill Welch


I use mostly Modelflex but Polly Scale has some colors I like too, Aged or Tarnished Black (can't remember exactly) and their several BC reds and browns. They will require a larger orifice than you are probably accustomed to. After struggling for sometime for several years with a Binks-Wren SA that I had purchased as a teen, I purchased the Badger Anthem one year at the NMRA National Train Show at a very good price. They had just been introduced and was designed for water based paints. Just the ticket.

You will also want to use a lower air-pressure, 18-20 PSI. Also stir, do not shake. You know where I am if you have more questions.

Any highlights from Springfield?

Bill Welch

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I'm switching over to acrylic paints and thinking of trying Model flex or Polly Scale, any ideas or comments. Pierre

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