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Bill Welch


I have not had any problem with adherence. I always wash them thoroughly and sometimes will also go over them with denatured alcohol.

Bill Welch

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Bill, in your experience with these paints have you had trouble with the
water based paints sticking to resin kits? I have been using lacquer based
for years and when I have tried the water based paints they seem to chip or
scratch very easily on resin cars, where the lacquer based paints hold much
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Fenton Wells
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I use mostly Modelflex but Polly Scale has some colors I like too, Aged or
Tarnished Black (can't remember exactly) and their several BC reds and
browns. They will require a larger orifice than you are probably accustomed
to. After struggling for sometime for several years with a Binks-Wren SA
that I had purchased as a teen, I purchased the Badger Anthem one year at
the NMRA National Train Show at a very good price. They had just been
introduced and was designed for water based paints. Just the ticket.

You will also want to use a lower air-pressure, 18-20 PSI. Also stir, do
not shake. You know where I am if you have more questions.

Any highlights from Springfield?

Bill Welch

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I'm switching over to acrylic paints and thinking of trying Model flex
or Polly Scale, any ideas or comments. Pierre

Fenton Wells
3047 Creek Run
Sanford NC 27332

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