Re: Paint question

Douglas Harding

Jeff & Fenton, I have had very good luck with ModelFlex, after a time of
learning how . And my wife loves the lack of odor. I love the easy cleanup.

Bruce lists some fine points. Here are a couple more, esp for ModelFlex:

. Use an airbrush designed for Acrylic paints, or get the largest
tip/needle your existing airbrush will take. Acrylic paints have a much
"thicker" carrier, and need a larger hole to spray properly. Also some
companies have a special crown tip that clogs less.

. Ammonia based products can be used to clean your airbrush when
using acrylics, which is why Windex or similar window cleaning liquid work
great, they contain ammonia. Do not uses it to thin the paint, it will ruin
your paint as the Ammonia breaks down the paint. This will even work on
dried paint to some extent.

. If you make a mistake while painting, 140 degree water will strip
ModelFlex within the first 10 minutes after spraying.

. Freezing will ruin paint. If you mail/internet order your paint
for home delivery avoid mid-winter deliveries if you live in snow country.
UPS trucks are not heated. Don't let a delivery sit on your front step all
day. I would also be cautious of "fresh" stock at the hobby shop during the
winter months.

. Badger will replace free of charge any ModelFlex paint that goes

ModelFlex is thinned and ready for Spraying. Other brands of Acrylics are
not, and must be thinned. All acrylics should be strained. I use a screen
over the end of my pickup tube (Badger sells them).

Doug Harding

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