Re: Loading Stockcars



That is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks! There are
definitely entries where hogs were mixed with other stock. However, most of
the movements would have been relatively short. The loads started on the
Warsaw branch, which ran south from Sedalia, Missouri. Sedalia is about
150-180 miles west of St. Louis, so I would suspect that the livesotck ended
up in St. Louis within 24 hours of loading. If not, they were probably
rested in Sedalia and loaded on an eastbound MoPac freight the next day.
That information is lacking. There are a couple of interesting entries where
the conductor specifically notes a total load being 1 calf or 2 hogs!
Although this was the exception. Some days there were up to three carloads
of hogs. Makes me wonder if the railroad did indeed collect all the
livestock, transport it to Sedalia and then consolidate it into larger
shipments. At Sedalia there was another branch north to Lexington, and east
of Sedalia, two branches ran north and south from Tipton, Missouri, and then
there was the Bagnel branch at Jefferson City (about 50 miles east of
Sedalia). I can envision all the livestock being collected off these
branches and consolidated into shipments to St. Louis. Would love to have
more information.


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