Santa Fe caboose window color

soolinehistory <destorzek@...>

I know there are some Santa Fe modelers on this list, as well as historians with excellent reference sources, and that the moderator considers cabooses to be freight cars, so I'll ask. I picked this up from the Railway Preservation News chat list:

I'm ready to paint some new windows for the IRMs ATSF 1400 caboose. We thought they would be the mineral brown/boxcar red color as the rest of the car but found this online.

Anyone out there know of a paint diagram that shows green as a window color for the 1400 series cars? There was some dark green on some interior walls.

Buzz Morris

I am a little appalled that in two days there has not been an answer... railway preservation seems to operate in a vacuum. Does anyone have an authoritative reference so the car is restored correctly? Post it here and I'll pass it on.


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