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Builders photos for sure, for sure. Remember, those were advertisements and whatever could be done to enhance them was done. We are talking black and white so whatever colors give the desired contrast is what was used. For steam locos, the photographed side was often painted a flat grey with a fair amount of white striping to make all of the detail visible. After the photos were taken the loco was returned to the paint shop to repaint the photo side to match the normally painted side before shipment.

Museums are another story. The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay has done some God awful things to locos. First they painted an ALCO S-3 as Green Bay & Western S-1 #103. Then they painted an ex-SP S-6 #1201 into CNW #103. CNW never had a S-6. Not satisfied with that they repainted it as GB&W #106. The GB&W did own an S-6, the ex-Sp #1201. But they never painted it for the GB&W nor did they ever have a 106! They leased it to Nekoosa Edwards Paper Co., Nekoosa, WI., and then sold it to the James River Corp, still as #1201 with a fresh, all red paint job. James River donated it to the NRM.

So, painting some window sashes green is well within a museums sphere.

John Hagen

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To which one could add view "builder's portraits" with suspicion as well.

Tom Casey

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