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John Hagen wrote:
Builders photos for sure, for sure. Remember, those were advertisements and whatever could be done to enhance them was done. We are talking black and white so whatever colors give the desired contrast is what was used. For steam locos, the photographed side was often painted a flat grey with a fair amount of white striping to make all of the detail visible. After the photos were taken the loco was returned to the paint shop to repaint the photo side to match the normally painted side before shipment.
But remember the builder, whether of locomotives or cars, prepared the photographs the buyer wanted. "Builder gray" is just one such option. Whether overhead or 3/4 views were taken, whether truck and other detail photos were made, was up to the buyer. Ed Kaminski described to me some of the many possibilities for AC&F, and Baldwin documents also contain examples of this. I have copies of SP purchase orders which specify which views, and how many prints as well as how many negatives, were to be supplied.
The builder could also take photos for their own use, of course, but to regard all builder views as "advertising" may be misleading.

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