Re: Gondolas with scrap loads

Jim Gates

Why would scrap go to a "large city or town"? Steel scrap is really only used by steel mills.  So I would think it would frequently travel a long distance.  Some is even shipped overseas.

Jim Gates

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Depends on the railroad Jim. My railraod didn't own any gons they'd want used to haul scrap, so they'd 'barrow' other roads cars.
Clark Propst

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My instincts tell me that a gondola with a scrap metal load was
not highly likely to be moved long distances. That they were - most
of the time/usually - routed to a local facility that was probably
in a relatively nearby 'large city/town'.
And I'm guessing that they would be more likely to be found on or
near their home road.

Do I have this right?
- Jim

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