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I think everyone who has dug long into the subjects of gons and scrap would
agree they went just about anywhere there were scrap yards, which were all
over the place, and then went to processors and finally steel-making
facilities, which were located all over the country. I have photos of gons
from all over the country, all over the country, carrying scrap, and remember
well the dozens and dozens of roads represented in my back yard, carrying
raw, shredded, and baled scrap. During my (later) 25 years in SoCal, I also
remember the huge piles of scrap from all over the country being processed
for overseas shipment from the Port of LA/LB, and the gons from just about
every road you could imagine.

Elden Gatwood

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Why would scrap go to a "large city or town"? Steel scrap is really only used
by steel mills. So I would think it would frequently travel a long distance.
Some is even shipped overseas.

Jim Gates

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Depends on the railroad Jim. My railraod didn't own any gons they'd want
used to haul scrap, so they'd 'barrow' other roads cars.
Clark Propst

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My instincts tell me that a gondola with a scrap metal load was not
highly likely to be moved long distances. That they were - most of
the time/usually - routed to a local facility that was probably in a
relatively nearby 'large city/town'.
And I'm guessing that they would be more likely to be found on or
near their home road.

Do I have this right?
- Jim

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