Re: How to upload photos


I avoid "free" hosting sites as you lose control of content and presentation but worst is all the ads and popups associated with them. Most internet providers offer space for personal web sites and such. Comcast offers 1GB - you can put up a lot of pics on that!

Jerry Glow

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Another way ["Teach a man to fish"] would be as follows:
1) Go to the STMFC Yahoo!Group homepage:
You can only do this if your email is registered with yahoo and you used
the yahoo groups web site to join the group. If you signed up using an
email subscribe, you can't upload (or view) photos, period.

I actually am signed up twice, once with a dummy yahoo id so I can view
photos if need be.

Of course you can always make your own photo site wherever - either your
own or one of the many "free" photo hosting sites, and just post links to
the list.


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