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Yup, different car.


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The photo I have of EKSX 1065 has a different configuration, the side sill are straight likened to the standard FGE/WFE/NX cars and can be bashed from the ACCURAIL kits.

Greg Martin

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EKSX 1046 is a 37' ex-PRR RF, complete with fishbelly side sills. Westerfield kit #2753 models it, except for the lettering.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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You know I believe this car is of course a 37-foot car? I have a copy of
EKSX 1065 in Fayetteville in 1951 still in this paint scheme prior to the
rebuilding of the car cars and the 1953 re-paints. I blew the photo (from the
John Greedy collection) up and it was on display in 2011 at Cocoa Beach. It
is a full on side view of the car. I was ask to see if Jim Singer would
reproduce the decals as an addendum to this NX sheet but with so few
interested in doing the 37-foot kitbash it seemed pointless. And I have yet to find
a photo of a 40-foot car in this scheme although I believe they did have
some in the Kahn's lease but I would have to check that. Is there is a true
interest in this 37-foot `bash? Easiest way to tell is the eleven ribs on
the roof vs the twelve ribs on the roof.

Perhaps the good Dr. FGE~WFE can shed a little light on this one as the
37-foot bash in on my bench for a couple cars NX and lessee both, I am just a

Greg Martin

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One could look at it here:

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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The photo is credited to Ernest Stefan, and a copy was published in RMJ
3/97, p 19. In the library's index, "form image" is given as NB 01109.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Is this photo easily available from the Kalmbach Library at the NMRA?
Can you provide the collection name or a reference number to the photo
so one can order a copy?


Bob Witt

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Al Brown and I are working on what we think might be one of the last
examples of the PRR RF refer (based on the XL boxcar) in service, circa
1944. These cars were part of the early FGE fleet and were then moved
to the NX fleet. Subsequently, some were leased to Kahn's. Thanks to
Al, who discovered a 1941 photo of EKSX 1046 in a magazine at Prototype
Rails this year, we were able to get a copy of that photo from the
Kalmbach Memorial Library at the NMRA (alas, I can't post it due to
ownership issues). It looks like a small number of these cars remained
in service, at least through the 1943 ORER. The cars appear to have the
standard "FGE/NX" style lettering for "THE E. KAHN'S SONS COMPANY",
"EKSX" and "BRINE TANK REFRIGERATOR" in black on the sides and the
reporting marks and number in white on the ends. While the Brine tank
lettering can be had from the 5th Avenue Car shops NX set, the Kahn's
lettering is more problematic.

Both Champ (HR-50) and Walthers made decals that we think would work
and we were wondering if any of you might have one (or better two!) in
your stash that you would be willing to part with? Please email me OFF
LIST at smithbf at


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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