Re: C&NW/CStPM&O Drawings - Lake States Railroad Historical Society

Dave Nelson

They're selling drawings too, it's just not mentioned on the web page. For
freight cars, they have only 89 drawings for the CNW but over 1100 for the
CMO. Individual drawing prices vary by the size of the original, ranging
from $5 for 9x13 inches to $25 for 36x106 inches. The size of each drawing
is included on the index CD and the reproduction size is 1:1 with the

About 15,000 of the total 20,000 individual drawings are for steam
locomotives, about 1,400 for passenger cars, as I said before, ~1,200 for
freight and the rest are of this and that.

In addition to the reproduction fee they ask for $15 for research and
postage and would prefer not to handle requests of more than 10 items at a
time (they'll help w/15 if you show up in person in which case assistance in
increments of $5 per 5 dwgs).

Dave Nelson

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