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Hey folks - saw this posting on another Yahoo group and thought it might
be of interest to some of you on this list. I have no financial
interest in the venture whatsoever.

- - Mark


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Douglas M. Rice was a B&M conductor who maintained unusually clear and
detailed logs of his train service between Springfield (MA), White River
Junction (VT),and Wells River (VT) between 1950 and 1974. Recently,
copies of his logs have been made available on a commercial basis by
Alden Dreyer whom some of you may know as a retired B&M train director
and seller of railroad paper. These copies have been very nicely done in
two stapled volumes. These logs focus on
specific B&M trains and time periods (e.g. B&M #78/79 in the early 1950s
which was the overnight through train between Springfield and Newport
(VT) on the CPR) and have material of interest to milk train fans of
that route.

These logs are relatively unique in that they illustrate how the
operation of one specific train varied from day to day (or not) in terms
of equipment, timekeeping (Rice kept to-the-minute records of both
scheduled and actual times at every station stop), and other factors.
This sort of information offers an interesting comparison to consist
books that give the fixed 'ideal' consist. Who would have thought a SOO
milk can car would appear or that milk was handled in one of the B&M's
'Jeeps' (converted troop sleeper)?

Anyone interested in a set of these copies should contact Alden
directly. His information can be found on the B&M Yahoo group that can
be accessed here:


John S. Horvath

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