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Charles Etheredge

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I had my first operating session on the Alma branch last night. Six Intermountain stock cars were part of the operation. Most of the cars were right out of the box and although I thought I had vetted them in several runs around the layout the Intermountain stock cars seems prone to derailments. Any comments?

Jared Harper
Athens, GA
Jared, I don't know if this is directly involved or not, but some time ago when Red Caboose came out with their 53'-6" SP flat cars, they simply would not stay on the track. When I took off the trucks and put them on the table, they were cocked to one side, i.e., two of the wheels would not contact the table. I called and talked with Bill McClung and he admitted that they had had real problems with this. He sent me a whole package of Accural trucks to replace the original ones. I've had no problems since then. BTW, I use I/M semi scale wheel sets.

Charles Etheredge
Austin, Texas

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