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Decals are available if you haven't already gotten them:

Jerry Glow

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Hi all,
The GN flats are ready to go. If you are intrested, the kits are $15 each and include the main floor casting and the laser cut deck. $5 for S/H per order. The 66000 comes with a piece of U channel and seporate lift pads that need attached to the sides by the bolstersSome of the decks are multi pieces. The metal plate is seporate from the wood parts. These are more detailed than my last offerings. I had nice blue prints to work from. The 4 cars are from the 65000-65499 series which were 52' rivited fish belly side and had a 9'6" wide deck, the 66000 series 52' welded straight side sill with an "extended deck" of 10'4", the 67000-67349 series 50' rivited fish belly side with a deck width of 8'10" and the 69500 series which are 43' rivited fish belly sides and a deck width of 8'10".
I am working on getting pictures up but the guys in the paint shop must be out to lunch.
If you would like to order, please e mail me and not to the list. My address is 30 N 30th street, Lafayette, IN. 47904
In the works for the next go round is the MP 45' and an Erie 50' and an L&N 46'9". I am still open to suggestions. If you have info or blue prints, I might do them
Thanks, Chad

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