Re: FS NEW HO Decal Set from Mount Vernon Shops!


Probably a "factory painted" model. Most back then were contract painted by various custom painters. When contacted, I told them I was not interested as they generally used available decals (mostly Champ) which in many cases were not correct or complete.

Probably the first complete decal set I ever made was for an Overland SLSF covered hopper. I had decaled it with the "appropriate" Champ set to find it totally missing the lettering of the prototype, so traded it even for another undec one which I did with my own ALPS printed set.

Jerry Glow

--- In, Scott Pitzer <scottp459@...> wrote:

I remember the Overland ad, in which the decorated model had a size mismatch between the 3 and the 4 in "N-34"!

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