Re: FS NEW HO Decal Set from Mount Vernon Shops!



you mentioned you have an Alps. I contracted another company to do a set of MEC RS-11 decals in the Maine Central Harvest Gold and Pine Green - actually two sets. They finally refunded my clients money and gave up the job. I don't know much about the Alps but apparently the problem was that they could not properly print the "pumkin orange" of the Harvest Gold. Actually what I saw in the sets of proofs (that I could not accept) was a series of diagonal hash lines set very close together along the striping. In otherwords the strips were not solid pieces. I'm wondering if you've run into this "problem". I need to get these done for two OMI S scale RS-11s I've painted and promised the client I could finish. He also has several Geeps he wants done (6 iirc). Any thoughts?

Derrell Poole

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