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Thomas Birkett


I cost of the lease or the saving from bigger cars would be far more than
the cost of repainting the logo. Labor hasn't always been expensive. There
were probably many instances where the logo was only painted on new cars. If
a car on a lease is destroyed, the Lessee usually gets the option of a
replacement car or a reduction in the number of cars on lease. The
replacement car, if that is the decision, may have little resemblance to the
car it replaced, and if there was a rush to get it into service there may be
no logo on that car.

Leasing companies kept meticulous records. In addition to the days on lease,
mileage both empty and loaded were kept and mileage checks were mailed out
each month. I asked about some cars that I leased from Union awhile back and
was told the policy was to keep the records 10 years after the last car on a
Rider was returned. There may be some ICC decisions that determine how long
records are kept. Getting such records from TAD Jones, to Gulf and to
Chevron is going to be difficult. There are too many dumpsters along the
way. But there may be a library repository for old corporate records, for
example many Rock Island records are at Bizzell Memorial Library at the
University of Oklahoma.

Any lease records may be classified as proprietary if they exist from 50-60
years ago so don't be disappointed.

Tom Birkett

Bartlesville, OK

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Hi all,

First let me state that I welcome taking this offlist so as not to take
up excessive bandwidth, so I welcome off-group replies if this topic
lacks general interest.

Last evening I rec'd a phone call from a descendant of the Jones family
who recounted a bit of the T.A.D. Jones Company history and filled in a
few blanks - the logo was designed by the owner of the company; the
company owned the cars (TADX reporting marks until 1952) because it
"made more sense to own the cars instead of lease them." In addition to
the office in New Haven, CT the company had an office in Bridgeport, CT
and also did business with another fuel company in Bridgeport named
Crowley and T.A.D. Jones served customers in CT and MA. I also learned
the company was sold to Gulf Oil after the period of this group (1968).

It would appear then, that after the disappearance of TADX reporting
marks in 1952, lease of tank cars began and continued from Shippers
until the post-steam-era sale of the company to Gulf Oil.

I have evidence of four SHPX car numbers: SHPX 11734, SHPX 13141, SHPX
16006 and SHPX 18008. They all appear to be 10,000 gallon insulated
tanks with at least two underframe styles and I believe SHPX 11734 and
SHPX 18008 were built by ACF ca. 1938.

I'm going to make some assumptions so I'd like some feedback from those
that know better;

- because the TAD Jones logo was a fairly complex, large, three color
job, I'm assuming that once applied to the leased equipment the company
would continue to lease those specific cars rather than lease new cars
which would require removal of the logo prior to return to Shippers and
re-application to the newly leased cars. So my assumption is that once
the cars were leased from Shippers, those cars remained the leased cars
so that unless cars were added or subtracted depending on business
needs, there's a high probablility that the same car numbers remained in
lease service for the duration of the company

- I'm assuming that Shippers kept (and continues to keep) records of
cars leased to all customers on an annual basis

- I'm assuming that the only source for records of SHPX leased cars
would be available from Shippers; older lease records (1953-1960, for
example) would not be available from a library or other source

- and lastly, I'm assuning that it's entirely possible that a request to
Shippers for leased car records to this company between 1953-1960 may
indeed yield some results


Thanks for all help,

Peter Ness

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