Sunshine Kit 102.9 CNJ 19000 Series Auto/boxcar

charles slater

Martin Lofton at Sunshine Models has asked me if I would post this message on this list for him.
Sunshine Models has made a prototypical error on the CNJ 1 1/2 door auto boxcar kit 102.9. The kits includes a lap seam roof, instead of the correct Hutchins roof.
Since most kits are purchased at shows and records of these sales don't exist, the purchasers must contact Sunshine for replacement.
Customers who have NOT built the car should return the entire set of castings (This is important) with a mailing address and Sunshine will send you the correct set of castings. Those who have completed the car should return the built-up car and Sunshine will send you a complete new kit.
Mail the kits or finished cars to;
Sunshine Models
P.O. Box 4997
Springfield, Mo. 65808-4997

Sunshine models thanks you for your continued support
Charlie Slater

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