Re: Question regarding slogans found on ATSF Bx-69 class boxcars


Thanks Richard,

With regard to the Bx-69 class, there isn't enough evidence to say
with certainty which legends were applied to which cars when new, >and it's anybody's guess on cars that were repainted before 1959.
However, since Branchline's Bx-69 model was developed during the
period when Branchline's R&D guy was Bill Schneider, you can be
pretty sure that Bill worked from a photo or other documentation, >and that the legend is correct for that car number.
Your explanation is an eye opener as what to look for when researching Sante Fe cars painted in the late 1940's to late 1950's. Since I haven't come across one of the Bx-69 class cars online with the legend "The Route of the Super Chief", I guess my option is to strip the car down and repaint it to match one of the known cars that Ron Hawkins photographed.
Best Regards,

Darrall Swift
Modeling the BN/MILW in North central Montana, Great Falls to Shelby, Circa: 1979

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